An attractive, low maintenance but functional landscape is founded in a good design.  A good design is both art and science.  It requires knowledge, artistic talent, training and experience.

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Landscape Design Plan
Landscape Design Plan

When searching for a good landscape designer look for someone who has a good understanding of landscape desgn principles who can help you select the best plant materials suited for your particular situation and objectives.  A well planned landscape can increase the usable living and recreational area available to a family or property owner. Good landscaping increases the property's value and enhances its status within the community.

Landscaping is a combination of arranging structures, outdoor areas, plantings, and other features into useful and attractive surroundings for family use and enjoyment.  Landscape design is the planning applied to a particular property to accomplish a three dimensional arrangement of plants with other elements with a goal of achieving beauty and functional use of space on the property.

Next time we will look at the landscape design process.

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