Landscaping for Foreclosed or Abandoned Property

With the current foreclosure mess, banks are scrambling to try to keep all of there foreclosure properties in good, clean and marketable condition! The electricity is off, the air conditioning is off, the water is turned off and the irrigation is off. The landscaping has died or is severely stressed.

Tall weeds, grass that is 3 feet high and vegetation growing out of the cracks of the sidewalks and driveways... We're talking about abandoned or foreclosed properties that have serious issues with the law and needs some serious landscaping.

Having an abandoned or foreclosed property can be an eyesore and a detriment to other property owners in the area. Foreclosed properties need to have their landscaping maintained. Not only is landscaping maintenance for these properties essential for preserving the value of the home but it will also preserve the neighborhood in which the foreclosed home is located.

Most cities in Collier and Lee Counties, in Southwest Florida have abandoned property ordinances when it comes to landscaping. If a property has foreclosed and is abandoned, that could mean big fines for the property owner.

According to most of these city laws on abandoned or foreclosed properties, responsible persons or banks that own the property must inspect and maintain their property regularly. Most ordinances require that all weeds, dry brush, and all dead vegetation must be removed. Also required maintenance may include but is not limited to regular watering, irrigation, cutting, pruning, and mowing of required landscape and removal off all trimmings.

If you are a realtor or banker, and need a one-time clean-out on the property, Bachmann Landscape team can take care of your challenge and provide a fast cost effective solution.



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