When is it time to renovate your landscape?

Most first impressions of your property, and its level of maintenance and value are made from the street. Even with conscientious trimming and maintenance, all foundation plantings get crowded after 15 years. That's when it is time to renovate!

Depending on how close your trees and shrubs were originally spaced, and what types were used; this overcrowding could begin much sooner, sometimes as early as 5 to 7 years after planting, especially if pruning has been minimal.

At Bachmann Landscape we will help you renovate your existing landscape from projects as small as planting some annuals to add color and beauty or as large as renovating an entire condominium community where the landscaping has outlived its life span of natural beauty.

  • Site Assessment

    This is where we come out and walk the property. Our team will look at various characteristics including soil type, drainage, sunlight, compaction, slopes, minimum and maximum temperatures, wind, existing plants, wildlife and more. The characteristics of the site determine whether a plant will thrive or struggle to survive. Proper site assessment will enhance the overall success of the project. 
  • Design

    After performing the site assessment, we will design and make recommendations of trees, plants and shrubs which will thrive and enhance the natural beauty of your property. We will work together encouraging your input to create or revitalize your landscape project.

  • Site Work

    This is when we prepare the property for the installation stage. This may involve regrading, adding screening for drainage or amending the soil with a good grade of topsoil before planting. It could also involve tearing out existing plantings and trees which have grown tired and unattractive. Proper site work will enhance the overall success of the project.

  • Installation

    This is the stage where the transformation takes place. Proper placement and planting of trees, plants and shrubs is done in accordance with our design plans. Adding mulch gives planting beds a neat and uniform appearance, buffers soil temperatures, helps maintain soil moisture by reducing evaporation and inhibits weed germination and growth.
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